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Online Booking



    1. When using the booking forms, parents/guardians must fill out the forms completely and as accurately as possible. On Target in Sport will not be held liable if we do not have the correct information in an emergency/cancellation or change in booking.

    2. By filling out the form you agree that there is no further information necessary for us to need before participation, if you need to update at any time you will need to contact On Target in Sport as soon as possible before starting.

    3. You Agree to let us contact you regarding this booking and anything else to do with the time spent at On Target in Sport.

    4. We will only contact you about relevant emergencies/injuries, booking changes or cancellations and further products that may be of interest to you.

    5. Information will never be shared outside On Target in Sport and only used for the purposes stated above.


    1. Online Payments are processed by third party providers, PAYPAL & Sumup. If any issues arise with your payments we will raise this with our partners as soon as possible. If you have any issues with your payments please contact

    2. Refunds and Cancellations – Any Cancellations made by us will result in a full refund if we cannot provide you with another or similar product/service that is satisfactory to you. We endeavour to make any refunds within 3-5 working days. If you do not receive the refund within that time period please let us know so we can follow up any errors.

    3. Payments for our services need to be made up prior to attendance or on the day of attending to secure your place on that service and receive the service provided. Any payments not made prior to attending, you may be turned away as the place may be offered to another participant.

    4. Missed Payments – we reserve the right to recover any losses if you miss any payments for our services. In certain cases we may take legal action after 30 days of late payments.




    1. Discount codes differ from service to service and are only applicable to those services promoted by On Target in Sport Individually. Correct use of codes - It is at the discretion of the person booking to agree to use the codes applicable to the individual services provided and promoted for that code.

    2. Website – Under the code system allows codes to be used across a number of services and not different individual services. In this case again it is at the discretion of the customer to use the codes in a manner acceptable to the above rule.

    3. Misuse of codes – It is at the discretion of each individual to use the codes correctly, applying them to the relevant services promoted. In the case of misuse in any code applications  not applicable to the correct service, we reserve the right to amend/cancel the booking until the correct code has been applied and full payment is made. Any refusal by a customer to change their booking breaches our terms and conditions under the above terms.

    4. Refunds with codes – Any refunds will be applied at the discounted rate of the total amount paid, not the full amount of the service.


    1. Upon booking the service with On Target in Sport. We agree to provide the service promoted and described, both on our website, social platforms and marketing materials. On occasions we may not be able to provide certain aspects of the services if we are limited by instances such as, severe weather, employee sickness or building maintenance.

    2. If you are not happy with the service provided you are entitled to a raise a complaint with On Target in Sport and we will get back to you to with a resolution as soon as possible.

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